SPRiPM global standard model provides a variety of energy saving solutions all around the world by satisfying the global standards - IEC, NEMA, SPRiPM guarantees the highest level of energy efficiency and highest performance while its size is decreased.
Save energy, save cost, and save the Earth with SPRiPM.


  • Super premium efficiency (IE4) - according to IEC/NEMA standard

  • Less weight&space - e.g. NEMA 1HP ~ 5HP in one frame size

  • Less heat from rotor

  • Less noise & vibration

  • 10:1 constant torque speed range

  • Synchronous motor without slip

  • Sensor-less feedback

  • Extended life time


  • General Industry(Pumps, Fans, Compressors, etc.), Definite Purpose(Cooling towers, Food&Beverage machineries, etc.)

Scope of Productions

  • IEC General Purpose SPRiPM 1.5kW ~ 22kW

  • NEMA General Purpose SPRiPM 1HP ~ 30HP

  • SPRiPM for Cooling-tower 22kW ~ 75kW or 30HP ~ 100HP